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Electronics Assistant 4.1

Electronics Assistant lets you perform electronics calculations
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Electronics Assistant is a program that lets you perform electronics calculations. It does this by providing several calculators, each one in a separate window. The included calculators are: resistor color code calculator, resistor in series calculator, LED series resistor calculator, capacitor code calculator, capacitors in series/parallel, capacitance unit calculator, capacitor´s charge and energy, inductor code calculator, power, frequency and reactance calculator. It also has other calculators, such as Ohms law calculator, potential divider calculator, Peak-RMS converter and Wheatstone bridge calculator.

As I already mentioned, each of the calculators will open a separate window. You can even open all the available calculators and have them aligned on the screen. You will be able to enter the data and obtain the results, that can later be saved or printed. You will see the formulas that will be used to perform each calculation. The program provides links to open the Windows Calculator, email the author or visit the author´s webpage.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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